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Terms & Conditions


    1. Payment must be received in order to secure the enrolment 7 days before the start of the course.

    2. Termination form must be submitted 7 days prior to the paid classes for withdrawal. Please visit our office to obtain a hard copy. We do not accept ‘on the phone’ terminations.

    3. Enrolment form must be filled to enroll classes, personal information will be kept confidential and for Magokoro internal use only.


    1. Only cheques and cash are accepted. Please prepare cheque under the name of the centre – “Magokoro Education Centre Limited”.

    2. Postdated cheque is not accepted.

    3. It is the parents’ responsibility to get a receipt for each payment. Only official Magokoro Education receipts with the company chop are accepted as a proof of payments.

    4. All payments have to be paid in full, 7 days prior to your intended last class. Absences are non-refundable and cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fee for the next month.


    1. In case of classes cancelled prior to the commencement of the course, our school will refund in full as soon as possible.

    2. No refund in full or pro-rata basis if a class cannot be operated on the date or time specified and students decline the revised arrangements offered by Magokoro.



    1. Magokoro staffs will inform parents of the refund arrangement either over the telephone or in writing (by email), and refund in cash or by cheque.

    2. Our school will refund to students in accordance with the above policies.

    3. Original payment receipt must be shown as a supporting for a refund. Person with no payment receipt prepared by Magokoro may not be refunded.


    1. 1 make-up classes can be allowed each month for illness with prior notice to our centre. All make up classes are to be completed within the coming month.

    2. The time of make up class is subject to space and class availability. If the available date and class do not match your child’s age and ability, we are not guarantee another replacement class or refund for the tuition fee.

    3. Make-up classes can be re-arranged due to severe weather – Black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal number 8 is hoisted. Magokoro Education Centre has the right to decide the make-up classes for the students.


    1. Classes will be cancelled once Black rainstorm warning OR Typhoon signal number 8 is hoisted.

    2. When Typhoon signal number 1 or 3 is hoisted, or the amber or Red rainstorm warning is in effect, all scheduled classes will be held as usual.

    3. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered before 8:00am - Centre open at 9:30am

    4. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered before 12:00 noon - Centre open at 2:00pm

    5. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered after 12:00 noon - Centre remained closed

    6. Parents will not be notified individually.


    1. Magokoro Education Centre reserves the right to amend the policy without notice and in any disputes, the policy stated here will be the enforceable one. 

    2. In any case Magokoro Education Centre and its staff will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to a participant’s property or injury or accident sustained during workshops and classes. Students, parents & guardians agree that no claims will be made against Magokoro Education Centre Limited and its directors, shareholders, or staff.

    3. Magokoro Centre is under surveillance to ensure the safety of students.

    4. Please contact our staffs if you are not agreed that Magokoro may take photographs or videos of your children for marketing purposes.

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