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Founded in 2017, Magokoro is a place of education in the creative and parenting know how devoted to create a welcome and adaptive learning environment for all students alike. Providing the best education to a wide audience is not our only goal, as we firmly believe that we can provide a suitable course to every willing learner, regardless of age, talent, and skill set.

A Message From Diana Mok, Founder of Magokoro

Through decades of life's joys and sorrows, my steadfast wish remains to have an art studio of my own. A few months ago, I found this space where I can realize my dream and embark on a new stage of my life.


My dream has also been inspired by my daughter who loves drawing and who pursues the art with a great passion. Her drawings instill impetus to my dream of creating a space where arts and languages can be nurtured in a broad-minded and inspiring environment. Magokoro will also provide a platform for families, parents, and children to foster healthy relationships through many guiding seminars conducted by professionals in child care and the humanities. Magokoro is an ideal hub for children to relax and express their emotions and aspirations through visual media of varied forms and nature.


Through engaging in artistic creation in an encouraging and open atmosphere, children will learn the art of appreciation, communication, respect, and courage in expressing themselves, enhancing confidence, and self esteem in the process. It is my wholehearted wish that Magokoro will become the sanctuary for children and their families in their pursuit of happiness and growth, a place where creativity, true love, and care are fostered.


"Magokoro gave my daughter the encouragement to pursue creativity and improve in her english through the fun class activities"​

​"We love the choice that students have at magokoro to experiement with new ways of expressing themselves"


Teaching Approach 

Magokoro seeks to instruct students through an emphasis on creativity, freedom of thought, and exploration. The courses offered at Magokoro extend past art and into family health, language development, and parent support. At Magokoro we hope to meet children and parents where they are through educational support and a dynamic learning experience.

Jackie Yun

Stephanie Ng


  1. Reaching a student where they are through a diverse curriculum, means of instruction, and monitoring of learning.

  2. Infusing a passion for creativity into the classroom and building a space that is safe for students to express themselves through art.

  3. Meeting parents through education in their whole hearted pursuit to support their children.  

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