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Welcome to Magokoro!


At Magokoro we strive to provide the best education for students of all backgrounds. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of classes and workshops for both children and parents. Our skilled team of instructors are here to meet your child where they are through a fun and exploratory learning experience. Included in our capabilities are classes for the artist, growing parent, and developing in language. Take a look at our classes here for a classes that are truly heart! 

Our Classes


Each class is specially planned for a specific age group and skill set to create a comfortable learning environment for each student.

Events & Workshops

Register Now for Classes 


Classes are now updated and ready for eager artists to join us in creating art that is wholehearted. Take a look at our class list to find a class that would best suit your needs and schedule. All classes will begin April 10th. 

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